Art of Choosing The Right Pair of Golf Shoes

Choosing the right pair of golf shoes is always a challenging thing and makes a huge difference in your game. Before the varieties of these footwear were limited but now one can find huge varieties and types of golf shoes available in the market. So, obviously finding the best pair that improves your performance is really a challenging task. This article will guide you in shopping the best of this footwear in the market with some useful tips that are discussed below in brief.

Before purchasing any golf shoes, always keep in mind why you need them? Well, one needs them to get a good grip over the field and maintain exact body posture. So, the footwear you are willing to purchase should have well-equipped features and technologies that serve all your golf requirements. Below mentioned are some important things that should be considered while shopping for for them.

Soft Spikes/Hard Spikes

is available in the market with soft as well as hard spikes to improve your performance. You need to make a choice whether to prefer soft spiked or hard spiked shoes. Hard spikes enable excellent traction on the field but many golf courses are not allowing them as they damage the greens. It is ideal to prefer soft spiked golf shoes that enable you to walk easily over the car paths and also provide great comfort during the play.

Breathable Aspects

Golf courses are often found wet in the morning after the sprinklers have been turned off. And playing golf on such wet surfaces may damage the quality of your footwear and most importantly will affect your performance in the game. So, prefer footwear designed with quality materials that are breathable and waterproof. Go for footwear designed with gore-tex material that wicks away moisture from your feet and restricts the entry of water. Such types of footwear is ideal to keep your feet dry and comfy gaining your great performance.

Perfect Fit

Everyone knows that when it comes to shoes, the biggest comfort factor is getting a good fit. The footwear you bought today might have declared you a size 6, but tomorrow’s pair might deem you to be a size 7.5 … the wise person listens to the shoes. So always pay much attention to the ‘fit’ factor that ultimately makes a huge difference in your game. Go for footwear with quality insoles that provide good support to your instep. Shoes with sturdy soles are ideal to be preferred as they provide a good grip on the greens while taking your swing. Prefer footwear that has free space for the toes to wiggle freely inside them.