We Moved Up in Life when We Bought Our New Condo

When my wife and got engaged, we were still teens. When we later got married, we were both only 20-years-old. We had very little money, and we lived in a very bad neighborhood back then. A lot has changed since that time. We recently moved into a Treasure at Tampines Condo that we purchased. It’s comfortable, located in a safe neighborhood, and it’s very nice all-around. Back when we first married, we both had a lot of stress from the neighborhood we lived in due to high crime in the area. I promised my wife that I would do all that I could to work hard so that we could move somewhere that is nice and safe one day. I kept that promise to her.

Both my spouse and I came from families that didn’t have a lot of money. Neither one of us blames our parents at all. We understand that our parents worked hard to do all that they could for their children. For example, I saw my parents eat less food on many occasions so that they could make sure that my sister and I had enough food to get through a full day without any issues. I know that my mom and dad gave up a lot of things so that my sibling and I would have all of the things we needed. They taught me how impotant it is to work hard so that you don’t have to suffer financially.

My wife says that she loves the feeling of being able to walk around our neighborhood each night without the security fears we both had when we were young and broke. She loves the neighbors that have met. We have already met a lot of neighbors simply because they stopped by after we moved in so that they could introduce themselves to us. We have already been invited to two dinner parties. We feel that we have plenty of space, and we even have an extra bedroom that will be perfect for our future child, too.