Grounded to the Earth, Thanks to Earth Shoes

Every year, thousands of women will complain about the pains of wearing stilettos and other high-heeled shoes. If you are fond of wearing high heels, then you have also experienced pain starting from the sole of the foot to the tops of the legs from their prolonged use. You may even complain of arthritis, of twisted ankles, and of damaged egos from tripping over yourself in these shoes.

Fortunately, we have the likes of Earth’s footwear to save our feet and faces from the dangers of wearing high heels. Just as its name implies, you will find that Earth’s’s footwear allows your feet to be connected to the Earth in more ways than one. Your feet will love the respite these shoes provide for the wearer while still allowing for a great degree of style to shine through. Yes, indeed, Earth footwear has come a long way from being called the ugliest shoes man has ever created!

Nowadays, the brand of shoes delivers on the promise of a feet-friendly and body-friendly alternative to the trendy, if taxing, shoes found on the runways. Even if you are not an expert on shoe design, you will observe the many innovations for comfort, convenience, and health that the Earth brand has infused to the shoe industry. To think that many of these innovations have been introduced in the 1970s and yet are still true then as these are true now is, truly, a feat in itself.

The first innovation of the Earth shoes was the round and wide toe boxes, which was in stark contrast with the narrow and pointed shoes of the 1970s. Your toes are then able to spread in their natural positions, which allowed them a firmer grasp on the ground, so to speak. Your toes may have been choked to death with being compressed into the narrow opening of the trendy shoes then and now.

Also, your feet had to get used to a different plane when using Earth footwear, an innovation that was soon called as negative heel. In stilettos, your heel was positioned way higher than your toes and balls of your feet, which mimicked standing up on tiptoes. In Earth footwear, the situation was reversed – your heels were lower than your toes and balls of your feet such that it looks like the fronts of the shoes are looking up.

You benefited from such design in two ways. First, you are placing more of your bodyweight on the heels, which encourages proper posture. Second, your leg and calf muscles work harder at this position, thus, burning more calories when walking or running in Earth shoes.

And then there are the rocker bottoms, which are simply molded shoe bottoms with the function of rocking the foot forward with each step taken. You will observe that your gait while walking is more natural with these rocker bottoms courtesy of Earth footwear.

If you want to improve on your posture, on your gait and on your health, you must look into the wide variety of earth footwear. Your choices include boots and trainers, all of which are guaranteed to provide a connection to the earth in ways that high heels cannot provide. After all, you can expect no less from footwear designed with yoga – the ancient art of being at one with the universe – in mind.